An event is much more than a moment!

It's experiences, it's sharing, it's sociability and, above all, it should be an opportunity!

What we do...

Our mission is to ensure your event is a success.
Our passion for quality service, our technological background, and our capacity for innovation ensure the success of every event we organise. 
Join us and turn your event into a true Moment!

Integrated Services

Through a carefully selected network of partnerships, we ensure countless integrated and coordinated services, such as audiovisuals, catering, graphic design, hosts, accommodation, transportation, photo and video coverage, and animation, to avoid a multitude of service providers at your event  


Social networks and the internet are nowadays vital communication tools and allow us to optimize resources and to project an innovative image. By utilising advanced technology we ensure a substantial improvement in the event’s reach as well as the number of participants, resulting in increased visibility.

Consultancy Services

In order to ensure that the goals of an event are reached, our team possesses the resources that allow us to “think the event as a whole”. This ranges from the selection and negotiation of the congress venue to the design and monitoring of social programs adequate to the audience, theme and moment and also the definition of communication strategies.  

Content Management

Incomprehensible texts, and those with errors, or those which do not serve their intended purpose, are useless and may result in a negative image for the organization and the event. Therefore, we understand that a careful selection process for the dissemination of content about an event translates into successful communication.

Financial Management

Be it in our private, public, or professional life, efficient financial management always results in a increase in revenues. Therefore, through a wide range of services provided by an exceptionally skilled team, we guarantee an efficient and effective management of the incomes and expenses of your event.

Sponsorship and Public Support Management

The raising, negotiation and management of sponsorships and public support, such as the development of applications for sponsorships and grants, is a fundamental step that demands constant effort and monitoring. Our team depends on professionals for whom these functions are their sole propose, which translates into increased revenues for every event that we organize.

Online Services

The online services ensure not only the comfort of all users, but also reliable data management. Through the event’s website we provide features such as registrations, summary submissions, reviews, participation certificates, and evaluation questionnaires.

Events Secretariat

The secretariat service is the key to a successful event. Keeping that in mind, our team ensures ongoing support to guests, participants, and suppliers, as well as the management of accommodation and other personalized services. 

Events Management

We are a multidisciplinary team with the skills necessary to organize any kind of event, be it international, national, regional, or local.
Business, science, social, sports, religious, political, or cultural events are guaranteed to be a success when you work with us. 

Organized events

AgeNortC International Conference

Conferência Internacional AgeNortC

"Longevidade, Envolvimento Social e (In)Capacidades"

5 de Abril - Escola Superior de Educação do Instituto Politécnico de Viana do Castelo 


CombART 2019

Conferência Internacional sobre Arte, Ativismo e Cidadania 

11-12 junho 2019 

Faculdade de Letras da UP

Porto ICRE 2019

Porto ICRE'19 - Porto International Conference on Research in Education 2019 - Politécnico do Porto, Portugal - 17 e 19 de julho de 2019

ESPAnet 2019

ESPAnet Portugal 2019

13-14 de setembro 2019

Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto

XI Encontro Coração e Família

XI Encontro Coração e Família

Auditório Prof. Doutor Alexandre Moreira, do Centro Hospitalar do Porto

10, 11 e 12 de outubro 2019

XV Congresso SPCE

XV Congresso SPCE

 16 a 18 de Julho 2020



International conference COMBART: Art, activism and citizenship

 June 28-30, 2021

Colégio Almada Negreiros, Campus de Campolide UNL, Lisbon, Portugal

Sensor Fint

1st Sensor Fint International Workshop

30 de setembro 2021

Universidade Católica do Porto

XIII Encontro Coração e Família

XIII Encontro Coração e Família

ONLINE e Presencial (HGSA-CHUP)

25 e 26 de novembro de 2021

7th IFCU

IFCU 7th International Psychology Congress

Psychology in Dialogue: Three paths, one goal 

July 7-9, 2022

Faculty of Education and Psychology – Universidade Católica Portuguesa Porto | Portugal

Porto Icre´22

3rd Porto International Conference on Research in Education

July, 20-22, 2022

Oporto, Portugal (ISEP/IPP) and Online

XIV Encontro Coração e Família

XIV Encontro Coração e Família 

Vila Nova de gaia e Online

27 e 28 de Setembro de 2022

X Conferência MIIS

Social Pedagogy and Intercultural Mediation: Theory and Practice in Social Educational Intervention

2022 - October, 20-21

In loco and Online

 at ESCES.IPL (Higher School of Education and Social Sciences of the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria) 

Let's Talk About Ageing 2022

Let´s Talk About Ageing 2022

Porto, 11 e 12 de novembro 2022

ISSSP e Online

The team

We are a multidisciplinary team that combines graduates from social sciences and information technologies, possessing broad experience in the development of event management solutions.


Passionate about what we do.
Driven by technology.
Fanatical about detail.


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